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Kids are heading back to school. What impacts can this have on your insurance?

By September 6, 2023No Comments
Kids Are Heading Back To School. How Does That Impact Your Insurance?
The students and teachers are returning to school for another school year. This time of year can mean it’s time to talk with your local insurance agent to ensure they are covered. Below are just a few concerns regarding students returning to school.
Here are a few concerns regarding students on your auto insurance:
1: Did they take a car? If so, did you change the garaging address?
2: Are they more than 100 miles away? Did you get your discount?
3: Are they a B student or better? Are you receiving the good student discount?
Your homeowners Insurance policy has many provisions to protect students, but is your student within the requirements?
1: Your home policy may provide 10% of your “personal property” coverage for their belonging. BUT do they meet the criteria of “an insured”?
2: Are there additional liability requirements placed on your student by their landlord or school?
3: Is a simple HO-4 renters policy a cheap piece of mind for you?